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Book 7 Safe use of overhead travelling cranes

Book 7 - Safe use of overhead travelling cranes


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ISBN: 978-82-92772-25-6
1st. Edition 2014. This training manual is developed for documented safety training of operators of overhead travelling Cranes in Norwegian industry, on offshore installations, rigs and ships. (Number of books in a box: 25 pcs)

The content is compiled in accordance with the requirements to certified safety training as stated in Module 2.7, determined by the Labour Inspection Authority.

The book is on 192 pages and contains 450 photos and illustrations.

  1. Requirements for crane operator
  2. What is an overhead travelling crane?
  3. Applications
  4. Accidents with overhead travelling cranes
  5. Laws - Regulations - Standards
  6. Construction of overhead travelling cranes
  7. Electrical system and equipment
  8. Safety equipment / switches
  9. Wire rope for winch
  10. Documentation / certification
  11. Inspection and maintenance
  12. Safety regulations for use

In addition to crane operators, the manual will also be very useful for: Inspectors and bodies of competence, HSE-professionals, Maintenance personnel and employers.



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